Soliciting Money for a Charity?

Solicitors sit in front of computers while calling for donations.
Paid solicitors may need to obtain a surety bond.

Be Sure to Follow the Rules

Most charitable organizations wouldn’t be able to operate without the public’s generosity. They rely on donations so they can continue to relieve poverty, distress, or assist with other public matters. But the charities themselves are often too involved in the organization to spend time and resources soliciting funds. That’s where paid solicitors come in.

A paid solicitor uses a variety of means to collect donations for the charity, including mail, phone, email, special events, and text messaging. Paid solicitors in Alaska must register with Alaska’s Department of Law, and their registration must be approved before they can begin to collect contributions. The registration deadline each year is Sept. 1.

All paid solicitors in Alaska must comply with the Alaska Charitable Solicitations Act and Alaska Charitable Solicitation Regulations.

Items needed to renew or register to be a Paid Solicitor in Alaska include:

  • Paid Solicitor Annual Registration Form.
  • $200 Registration fee.
  • For each charitable organization the solicitor contracts for, a copy of their contract must be submitted.
  • A copy of the scripts used for fundraising.
  • A $10,000 surety bond. can help Paid Solicitors get bonded quickly. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.
  • Once a solicitor’s campaign is finished, they must submit a financial report.

Organizations that are exempt from registering with the Department of Law can include religious organizations, political candidates, small charitable organizations, and organizations that have a current gaming permit.

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