License Requirements for Pest Control Companies

A pest control worker sprays the baseboards of a house. writes bonds for pest control companies.

Termites, Mice, and Other Nasty Pests

When you buy a house, it’s usually just a matter of time before unwanted guests move in: mice, bugs, ants, and even the dreaded termite. A termite inspection is crucial before buying or selling a house, since most banks won’t finance a home without one. A good pest control company can save a homeowner from pests, and also provide termite letters that banks need to close on a house.

Arkansas pest control companies need to be licensed, bonded, and insured.

A surety bond must be secured before a license is issued or renewed in Arkansas. The bond benefits a company’s clients in case they suffer damage due to failure of the company to property fulfill their contract. The bond term is for one year. A bond for Termite and Other Structural Pests is $100,000, and a bond for Household Pests and Rodent Control is $50,000.

Applicants also need public liability insurance. Insurance for Termite and Other Structural Pests is $500,000 per occurrence, or $500,000 per aggregate. Insurance for Household Pests and Rodent Control is $25,000 for one person, $50,000 for any one accident, and no less than $5,000 for property damage.

Besides obtaining a surety bond and insurance, commercial license applicants must also:

  • Prove to the State Plant Board that they are morally responsible.
  • Prove that they are financially responsible.
  • Show proof that they have one year of experience or two years of work in an accredited college or university, which includes one basic course in entomology.
  • Take an exam for either- Termite and Other Structural Pests or for Household Pests and Rodent Control.

Once a pest control company is licensed, bonded and insured, they must follow the rules and regulations adopted by the State Plant Board under the authority of the Arkansas Pest Control Law. Failure to comply with the state licensing and compliance laws can result in a misdemeanor. The pest control company must also specify which classification of work they will be performing, and may only perform the type of work applied for.

Pest control companies must have a contract with property owners, which is valid for one year. Companies that provide Termite and Structural work must file a monthly report with the Board that states all work performed in the previous month. The Board may also require reports on Household Pest and Rodent Control contracts.

Licenses and surety bonds expire June 30 following the date issued, and are not transferable. Further examinations may be required by the Board before renewing a license, in order to ensure the applicant continues to be educated with the most current pest control technology. can help applicants get the bond they need for licensure. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, low rates and fast service. Apply online at, email, or call our Surety Bond Specialists at 844-432-6637. – Your Online Bond Provider.

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