Georgia Liquor License Bonds Expire Dec. 31

Barrels of alcohol are in a storage vault. writes all surety bonds for the alcohol industry.

Stay Compliant With Georgia’s Liquor Laws

You probably don’t have to drive far to find a local winery, distillery, or brewpub.  These businesses are thriving in every state in the country.

Alcohol is big business, and the industry pumps over 400 BILLION dollars into the US economy every year. That results in over 41 billion paid in federal (TTB), state and local taxes.

Those who produce, transport, wholesale and sell alcohol often are required to be licensed and/or bonded. The type of licensing depends on the state the business is located in, what type of alcohol the business deals with and what the business entails.

Businesses that deal with alcohol may also need one or a combination of several bonds required by federal, state and local governments.  This ensures that all those billions in taxes are paid and that businesses are compliant with the laws and ordinances associated with each governmental entity requirements.

In Georgia, the Georgia Department of Revenue, Alcohol & Tobacco Division lists a variety of bonds for alcohol and tobacco-related businesses, and many of these expire on Dec. 31:

Brewpub License Performance and Tax Liability Bond: $5000

Cigar and Cigarette Distributors License Performance and Tax Liability Bond:  Bond amount must not be less than $1000

Liquor Broker Tax Bond:  $2500

Liquor Importer Tax Bond:  $5000

Liquor Manufacturer Distillery Tax Bond: $10,000

Liquor Wholesalers Tax Bond:  $5000

Malt Beverage Bond Performance and Tax Liability Bond: $5000

Malt Beverage Wholesalers Bond Tax Bond: $5000

Registered Producers License Tax Liability Bond: $10,000

Retailers and Consumption on Premises Liquor License Performance and Tax Liability Bond: $2500

Tobacco Distributors Tax Stamp Bond: $1000

Wine Wholesalers Bond Performance and Tax Liability Bond: $5000

Winery Manufacturer Broker Importer Tax Bond: $5000

How to Get Bonded

If you are in the alcohol or tobacco business, check with your local laws for your specific licensing and bonding requirements. Surety Bonds must be purchased from a Surety through a licensed agent, such as

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