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Business Service Bonds Instant Issue - Same Day Service

If your business offers any type of services then this is the bond you need. It offers your business a competitive advantage because you can reassure your customers that they are protected from dishonest employees.
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Important Facts:
  • Dishonest acts of your employees while on the premises of your customers creates a liability for YOU, the employer.
  • A standard fidelity bond DOES NOT protect your assets from this exposure to employee dishonesty.
  • If you are an owner or officer of a company that has employees working at client locations, odds are, your personal assets are at risk!
  • Employee theft isn’t a casual occurrence. It’s the cause of one out of every five business failures. Studies show that seven out of every ten employees can be expected to steal at one time or another.

Important Notes:
  • A Business Services Bond provides protection against financial liability for the loss of a customer's money, securities, and personal property caused by dishonest acts of the employees of the insured while on the customer's premises upon conviction. (Indictment, North Carolina only.) Limits for this coverage range from a minimum of $2,500 to a maximum of $100,000. Some of the more frequently requested bonds are for temporary employment agencies, home health care, janitorial and security guard services.
Janitorial Service Bond Security Guard Bond Interior Decorator Bond
Pest Control Bond Carpet Cleaning Bond Locksmiths Bond
Maid Service Bond Appliance Repair Bond Messenger Service Bond
Home Photographer Bond Food Catering Bond Other Contractors
Concierge Surety Bond Fireworks Surety Bond Housekeeping
Pool Cleaning Bond Gutter Cleaning Bond Lawn Service Bond
Health Care Provider Bond Painter Surety Bond

Even If Your Business Service Is Not Listed, We Can Still Bond You!


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